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'Play at Home' documentary

A documentary about children's play in lockdown

Published onMay 20, 2021
'Play at Home' documentary

Play at Home is a 2021 documentary, produced by Ludus Video e Cultura, coproduced by Território do Brincar, and sponsored by Instituto Alana. The documentary has been directed by Renata Meirelles and David Reeks. 

This documentary is one of the results of a wider research project—carried out through 2020—about children playing at home during lockdown, due to Covid-19. The research project was led by a group of seven researchers from the inquiry collective Território do Brincar in Brazil, of which I have been a member since 2018. My participation in this research project and in the documentary has also benefitted from the supervision and peer exchange offered through the Research-in-Action Community.


31 min

Children from an array of countries and backgrounds show us how they played at home during the coronavirus pandemic. With images and interviews gathered from families in lockdown, the film offers reflections about what play can reveal to us in these tough times, and beyond the pandemic.

Trailer - Play At Home (English Subtitles)

The full documentary is available to watch on Videocamp. While the original language is Brazilian Portuguese, English subtitles are available.

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